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The team at A Dog's Dream in New Bern is here for you and your pets. Learn more about our pet services below.

In-Home Pet Sitting

Our in-home pet sitting services provide you with many options, including availability 24 hours a day. Our a la carte options provide you the ability to customize your pet's experience for what works best in their schedule.

Local Delivery

{At|Here at} A Dog's Dream, we are {proud|happy|pleased} to {offer|provide} {fast|quick|swift|speedy|prompt}, {reliable|dependable|reputable|trustworthy|trusted|professional} delivery services near New Bern. Simply {contact|get in touch with|call|reach out to|phone} us at (252) 514-2502 to {place|arrange|put in} your {order|purchase|request|shipment}. For an added {convenience|benefit}, {ask us|inquire} about {setting up|establishing|putting together|creating|scheduling} {a recurring|a repeating|a reoccuring} delivery. Our {local|regional|neighborhood} delivery drivers are {happy|delighted|more than happy|glad} to help {provide|offer|supply} {additional|extra|added} assistance for the {aging|elderly|senior}, underserved, and {special needs|handicapped} community; please {let us know|make us aware} at the time of order if this is {required|needed|necessitated|requested}.

Pickup Services

Let us come out and meet you your co-pilot! Purchase online and choose in-store or curbside pick-up - and if you need to hustle through, we will run it out to your car. Just call us when you pull up to the shop.

Dog Boarding

If you're leaving for vacation and searching for pet boarding or doggie daycare. We provide experienced, reliable, and compassionate overnight boarding or day camp services for cats and dogs. Animals are overseen 24/7 to be sure pets are happy and protected. Schedule an appointment request online or contact us with any queries.

Dog Daycare

Whether your pup needs a watchful eye while you run errands or a place to blow off some steam while you’re at work, you can be sure that your furry friend is safe, active, and loved. The benefit of interaction with other dogs is a great self-esteem booster for dogs, and the social interaction keeps your pup well-rounded.

Dog Grooming

If you are looking for a dog groomer near New Bern, NC, then look no further than A Dog's Dream. Our certified pet groomers provide tailored service with a delicate touch to have your pet looking their finest. Our staff groom all kinds of dogs. Whether your beloved pet is needing a quick wash and brush session, or it's time for a dab of extra spoiling, our faithful staff is here to help with each of your needs for dog grooming. We offer a spotless, safe, and cheerful area to clean your dog. During the time of scheduling, kindly specify your dog's age, disposition, and size category to better help us pair you with the perfect groomer and solutions. Make a reservation for your appointment today.

Dog Training

A Dog's Dream is a professional dog obedience training establishment in New Bern. We specialize in aggression, obedience training, behavior adjustment, house breaking, and puppy consulting. Our pet trainers are certified experts that focus on correcting behavioral troubles without the application of scare tactics, injury, or intimidation so that pets can have fun with the learning experience and preserve their practical knowledge. Reserve an appointment inquiry on our site or give us a call at (252) 514-2502 with any concerns.


A Dog’s Dream is home to a 4,500 gallon heated, indoor swimming pool. It features a specially designed rubberized ramp for easy access in and out of the water. In addition to fantastic playtime, swimming offers increased body awareness, improved fitness, muscle tone, balance and coordination.

Airport Pickup

A Dog’s Dream has partnered with Coastal Carolina Regional Airport to be the airport’s premier pet shuttle service. Simply schedule your boarding reservation with us and let us know you will need airport pickup. We will meet you at the airport prior to your flight and pickup your dog and all of their belongings.

Self-Service Dog Wash

Providing your dog a bath at home means clogged drains, dirty bathtubs, and a sore back. At A Dog's Dream, we do away with the mess and stress with our self-service dog wash in New Bern, NC. Our elevated bathtubs accommodate pets as tiny as a Papillon, and as big as a Saint Bernard. Call (252) 514-2502 with any inquiries about do-it-yourself pet wash add-ons such as shampoos, conditioners, and the FURminator Deshedding treatment. Our courteous, experienced crew are delighted to address any questions you may have.

Pet Adoptions

Congratulations on your decision to adopt a pet! Not only will you be giving a dog or cat a loving house, but you'll also be clearing space at a rescue for yet another dog to be rescued, as well!

Nutritional Counseling

Our pets' daily diet is tremendously important to their total health and wellness. At A Dog's Dream, our animal nutrition counseling in New Bern strives to empower pet lovers to provide their pets with a high-quality diet through each phase of life. Proper nourishment can help with many health problems. Nutritional requirements for pups and cats vary as a result of many factors like age, size, breed, exercise levels, physical health, and more, thus, a one-size-fits-all solution to nutrition will not work. Our team can advise you on which food choices will be ideal based upon your animal's needs, quantity to feed, and what to look out for on pet food labels. Call us to set up a nutrition evaluation for your pet.

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