We made it to Pendleton! We have lots of people to thank. People who rented cars for us, popped us into private planes, paid for gas, gave us a meal, gave us a real bed to sleep in, and all the great people we’ve been talking to along the way.

The pups are doing great. They are like rock-stars with their special KURGO leashes, travel beds, bowls, and harnesses.  They are better dressed than we are and loving all the attention.

It is great to be at Pendleton, and tomorrow we begin the second half of the trip. More interviews, more meet and greets, more new friends for us and the pups.

We are lucky to be able to do this. We just want to help keep vets with their pets and you can help. Go to Operation Keep Your Spanky and make a donation. Our monetary goal is $100,000 and every little (or big) donation helps to get us closer to that goal.

We’re starting back across the country tomorrow… maybe we’ll see you at one of our stops!