This has been a crazy adventure. We’ve been to over 40 cities talking to people about Operation Keep Your Spanky.  We’ve been on television and radio, the internet, on stage at county fairs, and talking to groups of people at VFWs and coffee shops. We’ve met veterans from every branch of service each with a story to share. It has been amazing.

We’ve got so many people to thank who helped us on this journey. And if the pups could talk, they would definitely give a bark out to Kurgo for the great beds and blankets they donated for them.

The pups are neither camera-shy nor people shy. They seem to know who needs to talk with them. That’s their gift. They love us unconditionally and will go anywhere we ask them.

That’s why our mission is so important. Our dogs were and are there for us no matter what. And when you’re a vet who’s recovering from the mental and physical trauma of war, that unconditional loyalty, love, understanding, acceptance is what they offer.

Tomorrow is our homecoming. We’ve been spreading the word about the value of vet’s pets and the mission of Operation Keep Your Spanky. It’s been fun, it’s been tiring, it’s been rewarding, but it’s not over yet. We need to ensure that a vet has the means to support his invaluable companion.

Tomorrow, we’ll be home. Joe and I won’t even think about saying goodbye because we’re not done, not yet. We’ve got to be sure that Operation Keep Your Spanky gets into full gear and starts helping vets keep their pets.

You can help. Go to the website Operation Keep Your Spanky and make a donation. We are home tomorrow, and our mission continues.